October 20st “Cristal Duet” in Hangzhou

September, “Crystal Duet” Guest by Dream Town & Optiva Darna : We are building a pioneering neo-village in the heart of Hangzhou, using cutting edge technologies to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem. Our «Villa Medicis 4.0» will marry the best of French-Chinese innovation, culture, tradition and life-style components to create a luxurious high-tech village where people will experience a new way of collaborating and living in one of China’s fastest growing cities. Great contributions of Sebastien Fournier, Michel Deneuve, Jean-Pierre Corniou, Zhao Guodong, Idriss Aberkane, Ph.D, Serge Salat, Caroline Castelain, etc… Fadwa Sube

From left to right, Michel Deneuve, Sébastien Fournier, Master Cheng in the Guzheng and Zhang Jihong, flûte of more 3000 years